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- Nathan Scott Collins -

17 years 'ld

wo mei 06, 2015 2:24 pm
FULL NAME: Nathan Scott Collins
NICKNAME(S): Nathan, Nate, Natey, Collins [ mainly by Bree ], Sonic, Batter [ streetnames ], Baby Bro [ his brothers ]
AGE: 17 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ecri, Iriolis
ZODIAC: Taurus ♉
ENERGY: Positive

FIRST IMPRESSION: Thug. That’s the first word that comes to mind when one sees Nathan. Nathan doesn’t strike as a good guy to most people. He has the expression of a person who beats people up for fun in an alley. He has the walk of someone who doesn’t give a rats shit about opinions or rules. He has the looks of a person who is part of a gang and deals drugs for a living.
But when the boy starts talking, a loud and energetic voice comes out. He might cuss a lot, but his bubbly personality completely destroys the impression most people have at first glance. Most people deem him dangerous to approach, but after finally approaching him they’ll leave with another good acquaintance/friend – unless you wish to pick a fight, of course.
HAIR: Nathan has dark blonde hair which he wears very sloppily. It has a mohawk-kind of style, both sides of his head have been shaved, leaving 1 millimetres of hair. He wears his mohawk to the right side of his face and never really styles it. He kind of likes the look, a sleeping mohawk. Sometimes he wears a cap, covering his hair with it.
EYES: Light blue and very vibrant in colour. His eyes are very sharp in form, which look very menacing whenever he is angry. This is also due to the fact that he can not conceal his emotions very well, which makes his eyes speak like open books. He is also a very bad liar, because when looking at his eyes, his lies will unravel immediately.
BUILD: Due to being a sports fanatic, he is kind of athletic in build. He has a broad body and strong visible muscles, but that doesn’t mean he is physically difficult to face. His body isn’t exactly built for strength, his body is built for speed and duration. His thighs and calves are much more developed than his biceps and his back is more muscled than his abdomen. He is 1,80 in length  and weighs about 74 kilos.
CLOTHING: Nathan doesn’t really have that much of a fashion sense, but he is able to dress in a way that doesn’t make you cringe. Sure, he does own obnoxious big sneakers, jackets with large fur trimmings and jeans which are so old that they belong in the trash bin, but whenever he isn’t wearing those, he still looks quite okay. He prefers to wear comfy things, things that won’t restrict him when moving around. He has lots of sweaters, jock jackets and swagpants (LOL), but most commonly just wears some ripped jeans with a sweater – that most probably will have an obnoxious print on it. He often wears a cap or a beanie and he never takes off his silver dog tags.
EXTRA: Nathan has a tribal lion tattoo on his left upper arm, a helix piercing in his left ear and 4 millimetre black tunnel piercings in both his ears – and no, he is not stretching his earlobes any further than that. He also has a few scars on his arms and knuckles but nothing worth mentioning, actually.

His looks do speak for his personality: he is – in fact – someone who grew up on the streets and naturally took on the habits of his older brothers. Most of the time he is quite offensive and loud and he swears at least once in every sentence. His offensive nature makes him quite the jerk and he won’t hold back on cussing at people or beat them into the ground. He is very rebellious and doesn’t like to obey to rules, which is the reason he gets in major trouble. His offensive and rebellious nature go together like bread and butter, but it’s always good to know when to stop. But well, him being very reckless doesn’t help much.

Under all that slang and beating-the-shit-out-of-people he does have a good side to him. Of course, his bad sides only shine whenever he has a major rivalry with someone. But when people get close to him, get to know him better, he shows his warm and kind side. He is like a big brother, one you can always rely on. He is very dedicated to the ones he likes and loves and will always be there when someone needs help. You can laugh with him, cry with him, use him as a pillow, whatever. He’s completely fine with it. He isn’t the brightest and isn’t always giving good advice, but hey, at least he tries.

The story starts with a woman who was never able to commit.
Or said in a better way: she was a downright whore.
Samantha Bonay was always struggling with commitment issues. Her father and mother urged her to marry a man, build up a happy family for herself, but she never felt the need or courage to do so and her parents telling her to just ‘’get over it’’ didn’t help all that much.
But one day she did manage to meet a man who stuck to her like glue. His name was George Collins, a lawyer who met Samantha in the bar she worked in. George fell for her when his glass toppled over and spilled all over his suit, causing Samantha to get rid of the mess and apologise for her clumsiness. She promised him a new suit, but he declined and decided on a date instead. Samantha, who was awestruck, couldn’t say no.
That one date led to more dates. Samantha felt unease at this, because she felt like they were growing closer and closer. She felt the urge to pull back, to distance herself again, but George pressed on. He had fallen in love with her madly and promised her everything: a nice family, a big house, a beautiful life. Samantha, who had never finished high school and only worked as a bar-maid, was battling herself with this decision.
But then it all worked out. Samantha committed herself to him and he promised her that she would not regret it.

Well, she did. After their marriage and putting two sons on the planet, Trevor and Bill Collins, she found something horrible. Photos had leaked of her husband with several woman at work, engaging in sexual contact. He was cheating while she was at home looking after the children. Samantha felt heartbroken, felt betrayed and like just another sex toy.
So they divorced. Samantha got custody over her boys and moved into a very cheap and small house, located in a very dark neighbourhood. It was a dangerous place, full of addicts and gangs, but she could only afford that one house. Since then she always carried a small gun with her.
Another issue for Samantha: she could not find a job. She was rejected everywhere due to her bad qualifications, some jobs just wouldn’t make enough money for her and her sons to thrive off and marrying another man wouldn’t do.

So she ended up being  a prostitute.
Samantha wasn’t enjoying it when she started, but after a while she did grow fond of the job. She had no idea why. She always had thought of it as a shameful job and she never expected she would actually be doing it. But she liked it and her being her boss’ favourite made her enough money.
Well, if it weren’t for that one condom tearing.

And before Samantha could help it, she had a triplet coming. She would have been able to get a morning-after pill if it was just one baby, but she couldn’t handle aborting three children. She contacted the responsible man and made him aware of the fact that she was bearing his children. The man got pissed at this and did not support her in the slightest, which Samantha already expected.
Samantha was left with three children and no support of anyone, not even her parents (because it was her fault she got into this mess). She stopped being a prostitute and worked behind the bar which was way more appropriate due to her pregnancy but didn’t pay as well. She tried to hold on, knowing it would get better along the way. She never had much, so she knew she could do this.
Her pregnancy was very heavy. She had to get a circumcision due to her triplet boys and wasn’t able to work for weeks. Harley, Dave and Jake were very problematic, crying all the time and needing all of Samantha’s time. Trevor and Bill did help her with the babies, but they wanted to help her financially as well. They were too young to actually help her with finances, but they were going to find a way.
The job they found was not the best. They became delivery boys for a local gang. They had to jump on their bikes and deliver the goods the gang was selling. The gang never told them what they had to deliver, the boys weren’t allowed to ask questions about it either. They just had to do their jobs correctly.

Trevor and Bill never told Samantha about their jobs. They just told her they were ‘’delivery boys’’ of some company. Samantha didn’t really question it and didn’t even have time to, since she had three more boys to nurse.
After a while, Samantha got together with another man, just for the sake of bringing more money into the household. She did not quite love James Conaugher and she did not care much for whatever he did, she just needed to bring up her boys. She didn’t care whether he was doing other females or whatnot. She obeyed to his needs and that was all.
Then she damned herself again, because she got her sixth pregnancy. After nine months she gave birth to her final son, Nathan Scott Collins.

From the moment he was born, Nathan was widely surrounded by his brothers. Trevor was 11 at the time, Bill was 9 and Harley, Dave and Jake were all 5. He grew up as the baby brother, being the youngest of them all. He went to primary school without any issues, but the issues showed when he turned 12. Trevor and Bill were stuck in dark business, Dave and Jake both dropped out of middle school and Harley got a drug addiction. They became street rats, to say the least, and they included Nathan. They took him on trips, nights out and several fights, whether it be dog fights or fights with gangs. Nathan knew what was going on in his neighbourhood, so he wasn’t struck with awe when he was included in all this, but it surely wasn’t enjoyable. What Samantha did was out of question. She couldn’t really stop her sons in their ways and as things progressed, she started to thrive off of it too – with Trevor and Bill making big money with their jobs. It didn’t take long for her to dump her husband, something no one really minded.
But as Nathan grew older, he noticed that he needed to follow his brother’s examples. He was the youngest, so he was considered to be the baby brother. He was always teased for it and he couldn’t really stand being weak when his brothers were all tough and ripped.
So Nathan found himself growing towards sports. He started training when he was 12 and fell in love with several sports, two of them being baseball and sprinting. As he grew in strength and agility he could keep up to his brothers. He wasn’t the strongest, but he surely became the fastest and soon after, the most flexible. He learned how to freerun and how to move as quickly as possible, slowly advancing himself to greater heights and possibilities. His brothers saw his worth and how he became a very skillful person.
When he was 16 he discovered something big. What should have been just a sneeze sent him flying 20 feet into the air, his brothers watching in awe as Nathan couldn’t land properly and broke both his legs.
... Yeah.

After healing he discovered that he was blessed with air powers. As the only one. Neither his mother nor his brothers were Astrals and his father presumably wasn’t an Astral either – or he could be and never really talked about it.
Having found a reason to discover more of it he nudged his mother to sign him up for an elemental school. His mother liked the direction he was heading in as someone who had never finished middle school and signed him up for a elemental school.
And on that elemental school he certainly did discover things. Primarily about himself, a part that he keeps on denying.

Likes: Sports, baseball, sprinting, food (specifically hamburgers), energy drinks, graffiti, music (primarily trashy stuff), tattoos, baseball bats, sprinting across hallways, alcohol, parties, breaking stuff.
Dislikes: Quiet places, Brussels sprouts, romantic comedies, drugs, sour mats, wasps.
Fears: Wasps, he absolutely hates those shits, they are the spawns of Satan
Sexual orientation: won’t come out of the closet, damn it

- Nate is actually the sanest Collins brother. Yes, really.
- His only talents are sports and art. He got into art because of all the graffiti in their neighbourhood. He loved the tags they left behind, so he soon picked up spray cans and taught himself how to do graffiti. He is quite good at it.
- More to come
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