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Silas O'Connor

17 jaar

di mei 26, 2015 10:44 pm
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"Please go and bother somebody else."
    - Silas O'connor

    General Characteristics

Name: Silas O'Connor
Pronunciation: 'sigh-liss'
Name Origin: Latin
Name Meaning: Wood
Other Names: Sil, Silly, Lassy, Pinky, Pinkemen, flower-boy
Titles: Mister (Mr.)
Social Security Number: 441-76-3278
Theme Song: You who came from the stars instrumental OST - Dream scenery I
Zodiac: Aquarius

    Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: 31 January
Age: 17 years old
Birth Name: Silvanus O'Connor
Birth Place: Iriolis
Birth Weight: 3435 gram
Birth Length: 50cm
Manner of Birth: Natural birth; he was kind of an accident but they were happy with him anyway.
First Word(s): Dah (dad), nijn(konijn)

Death Date: 22 April
Age at Death: 69 years old
Death Place: At the playground while watching his grand-children play.
Resting Place: Cremation, ashes were scattered on the hills of Iriolis.
Manner of Death: Cardiac Arrest
Last Words: //

Primary Objective: To have a meaningful schoollife with lot's of precious memories.
Secondary Objectives: Finish school and travel the world, find love, have children later on in his life, live a meaningful but fun life.
Priorities: Chewing-gum, milk, family, school, being himself
Motivation: the feeling of utter satisfaction and no worries.
Accomplishments: surviving pre-school, surviving elementary school, middle school and most of high school, surviving most of puberty, surviving first love, surviving a broken heart, survived a death metal concert, got first place in a spelling bee, pretty much always stayed himself, survived boredom;multiple times!, survived a day without chewing-gum, survived half a day without milk, got second in a dancing competition, didn't curse for a full day!
Greatest Achievement: Surviving life up until now.
Failures: Got a B- that one math test back in middle school, Failed to make a lot of friends, failed to convince his parents to buy a pet, tripped down the stairs and broke his nose, dressed up as a good looking realistic girl, wore make-up back in middle school, drinking anything besides milk, almost hit his dad, ran away from home.
Biggest Failure: Getting a B- that one ridiculous math test in middle school.
Self-Confidence: He has a lot of confidence in himself and is in general a strong person. I can't say his confidence is through the roof because there are, ofcourse, things that can hurt him. But in general he's not easily shaken because of things others say to him.
Traumas: Breaking his nose; especially the actual sound of the bone snapping, his dad pushing him to be the best at everything, his mom leaving him and his dad near his ninth birthday (she died).
Afflictions: Failing at something (especially school-related things), his dad being dissapointed in him.
Embarrassments: He's ashamed for his feminine or flower-boyish look, when guys look at him in a weird way, ashamed for the lack of good friends, for his own attitude every now and then, for his fake 'friends'' behaviour every now and then.
Worries: Flunking courses, dissapointing his father, dissapointing himself, not being himself, being hated by the masses, dying at an early age, not making precious memories, not finding love, falling in love and getting his heart broken.
Soothers: Milk, chewing-gum and someone who doesn't probe and is comfortable to be around. Petting rabbits or other fluffy animals/humans.
Instigators: Someone who is as domineering as his father or a friendly personality like his mom may remind him of his kind of sad past.

Earliest Memory: His mom kissing him to sleep when he was about 4 years old.
Fondest Memory: His mom kissing him to sleep when he was about 4 years old. He's most fond of this memory, because of the connection he had with his mom.
Worst Memory: His mom dying from chronic disease.
Favorite Dream: The dream were he can transform into an animal and run along all day and night without ever having to worry about anything. He usually transforms into a small rabbitlike animals but with wings!
Worst Nightmare: It's more like the memory of his mother dying over and over, the only difference being that he's watching it through some kind of glass, not being able to reach her.

Desires: to fall in love, to make new friends, to have good grades, to survive school and the rest of his life, to have a decent job, to own a pet, to see the world, to be wise.
Wishes: A life? To be an animal (preferably the same animal as in his dreams), to live forever, to be happy, to stay young forever.
Regrets: Hitting his father once, and he still thinks that he could've done more for his mother while she was still alive. Like doing the dishes, helping her clean and stuff. He also regrets that he din't make more friends when he was little, and that he has practically conditioned himself to be alone.
Secrets: He often sings in the shower (he isn't very good), has a strange addiction to milk and chewing-gum, changed his name from Silvanus to Silas, sometimes writes poetry and stuffs it in his uppermost drawer, hates his father because he's a controlling pusher but no one else has seemed to nice, He has never kissed for real but lies about it, he has never been in love, he doesn't have any friends, his father want him to have an arranged marriage to a girl he doesn't even like, he keeps a diary, he doesn't want to get married, he is afraid of big masses of water, he can't stand new technologies, he'd rather write traditional letters and meet people face to face and stuff, he is allergic to soap,
Confidantes: He shares some stuff with his diary, but mostly keeps the important stuff to himself.
Soft Spots: Little animals, fluffy animals, females in distress, milk and chewing-gum, people who study a lot but fail eitherway
Cruel Streaks: People who hate milk, people who have something to say about him, his father

Musical Instrument: Can play the violin, though not incredibly well but not particularly bad either. He doesn't like it though since his father pushed him into doing it.
Quirks: He's addicted to milk and only drinks milk, or fruitflavored milk in general, he's always chewing a certain pink gum and often blows bubbles, regularly looks up to the sky and comments on it, has a weakness for small helpless fluffy animals (rabbits and the like), slightly drags his feet sometimes, doesn't eat green things, is more often late than early, he doesn't drink with other people, one piece of gum is never enough, he hates being talked to for the first hour after waking up, same goes for when het get's out of school, dislikes being touched lightly because it's like something is crawling up and down his skin, he believes in an afterlife, owns an outrageous amount of shoes, sometimes counts ceiling tiles, counts stars sometimes, used to dance competitively, enjoys jigsaw puzzles, used to practice calligraphy, he wears contacts, bites lip sometimes, cracks neck/back, is easily sunburnt, has pretty girly handwriting, sleeps very deeply, can identify most plants, can solve Rubiks cube in a couple of minutes,
Dominant Hand: he is ambidextrous but tends to use his left hand more than his right while writing/drawing etc.
Catchphrase: at the ending of sentences he sometimes adds: '- Ryui~' for unknown reasons. It just became a habit somehow.
Autograph: It's his name 'Silas' in big curly letters, with the last S ending in a curly sensation.

    Mental Characteristics

IQ: 138
Lures: Milk, warm sunny places, fluffy animals, quiet places, beautiful scenery, kitchens, flowers
Manias: Milk and chewing-gum.
Memory: His memory is quite good, although he doesn't remember a lot of details, the general red line is often quite clear.
Phobias: Fears large bodies of water because he can't swim well. Afraid of dying.
Savvies: Blowing bubbles with chewing-gum, dancing.
Ineptities: How people can believe in a deity, people who dislike chewing-gum or milk.
Temperament: Melancholic/Choleric somewhere in between.
Hobbies: Dancing, chewing-gum, drawing, playing the violin, calligraphy and taking walks.
Pet Peeves: People who chew on nails, lips or other bodyparts, and people who dislike gum or milk.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: This is probably one of his fortes. He's great with numbers and thinking logically or looking at something critically.
Spatial: His spatial intel is ok, he can pretty much visualise almost anything. But there are some things he can't put in to words and thus not visualise. It's kind of constrained by his lack of extensive imagination.
Linguistic: He's great with words in all languages. He often gets into verbal fights and is very... profound in his choice of words.
Bodily-Kinesthetic: Not his greatest forte, but not really bad at the same time. He's good at dancing so that's something, other sports... don't ask.
Musical: He can play the violin but isn't exactly a genius at it. His singing is awfull, indicating that he clearly doesn't have a absolute pitch at all. It's just so-so, something he learns from books but nothing innate.
Interpersonal: This is where the trouble starts. He often doesn't know what others are thinking and solves this with thinking that they are probably thinking stupid or bad things. He's not good at interacting with other people at all. If there is something lacking, it's in this division.
Intrapersonal: He's quite good at expressing his own emotions, and knows his own strengths and yes... his weaknesses too.
Naturalistic: He can name almost any plant, but besides that he's not very gifted at things that have to do with nature or arts.

    Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: His morals are all over the place, they aren't particularly right but not particularly bad either. He tends to be right a lot and doesn't care if it hurts other people. He's the jerk who's right, the deuteragonist who is a rebel. In short Silas is all over the place with morals undefined.
Attitude: He is a little bit arrogant and a rebel sort of person. He gives off a 'don't bother me' vibe. Or 'I'm bored/I'm sleepy/I'm irritated' vibe.
Outlook on Life: As something that is worth living, if you do it right that is. Life can be many things, it's what you do with it that decides the outcome.
Perception: He generally sees life realistically, the way it is. But sometimes a little pessimism or sadasism comes lurking around the cornor. It just happens some days.
Standpoint: He sees his life as if he were a common, poor student and acts accordingly. There are times when he sees life as if he were a philospher though, taking it very seriously. But normally, he's just the bored, lazy, intelligent student.
Taboos: Drink juices. Kill someone. Intentionally hurt someone in a way that's lifethreatening. Rape someone.

    Spiritual Characteristics

Animal: A sheep in wolf's clothing?
Religion: Is currently more of an Atheist. Does believe in some sort of afterlife/reincarnation tho!
Devotion: He doesn't. He's not interested in religious matters at all.
Superstitions: None in particular. Perhaps friday the 13th... a little.
Virtues: He's dilligent, he's kind in his own way, he's patient, and temperance is something he can be described as as well. And last but not least, he's just. Or he tries to be.
Vices: Lust, Sloth, a little bit of wrath/anger and greed.

    Supernatural Characteristics

Energy: Negatief
Element: Lucht

    Highs and Lows

Likes: Nature, dancing, chewing-gum, milk, pork, his own pink hair, animals (especially the fluffy little ones), clouds and stars, hiking, school and learning, good grades, warm cozy places, comfortable laid back humans, unpopular people, books, his diseased mom, green pastures, painting or drawing,
Dislikes: Playing the violin, his father, his grades, death, the small scar on his nosebridge, getting shitty grades, flunking, popular people, people who dislike either milk or chewing-gum, people who are very devoted to their religion, vegetables, people who judge others, stupid people, chronic diseases, most of his past, his lack of friends, huge bodies of waters, swimming, beach.

Favorite Animal: His own imaginary animal in his dreams. A small catlike/rabbitlike fluffy thing with wings.
Favorite Arts: Theatre, painting and sketching, abstract, modern dancing
Favorite Book: 'How to make friends for noobs' Just kididng.
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Country: Iriolis
Favorite Drink: Milk
Favorite Excuse: ''Huh? I wasn't paying attention...''
Favorite Food: Chewing-gum, or noodles with pork.
Favorite Flavor: Pink Chewing-gum flavour, or meat flavour, sweet is okay too. Just no sour.
Favorite Musical Genre: BL Classical
Favorite Mythical Creature: Griffioen
Favorite Number: 4
Favorite Place: The hills of Iriolis near his hometown, overlooking the river.
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Store: Ice-cream store or supermarket
Favorite Story Genre: Horror/adventure
Favorite Words: Ryui? Gum, Milk

Least Favorite Animal: Dolphin
Least Favorite Arts: Opera
Least Favorite Book: The one I'm writing right now
Least Favorite Color: Green
Least Favorite Country: Elion
Least Favorite Drink: Anything besides milk
Least Favorite Excuse: ''My cat ate it.''
Least Favorite Food: Sour things
Least Favorite Flavor: Sour
Least Favorite Musical Genre: Drama
Least Favorite Mythical Creature: Unicorn
Least Favorite Number: 8
Least Favorite Place: Somewhere cold or crowded
Least Favorite Season: Winter
Least Favorite Store: Clothing store
Least Favorite Story Genre: Romcom
Least Favorite Words: Umm, Duh!


Accessories: Watches, hairbands, his hairband thingie
Dress Style/Wardrobe: He dresses in a practical way, not paying a lot of attention to colours or styles. He usually get's away with it though!
Equipment: Chewing-gum and a carton of milk.
Most Prized Possession: Pink flavoured chewing-gum.
Most Valuable Possession: his appartment in Iriolis.

    Social Characteristics

Communication: He's not very good at communicating with others. He is often too blunt or direct. His sometimes arrogant or lazyass-looking demeanor can get in the way of his social skills. He is in fact a nice guy though, even though he ignores a lot of people and doesn't pay attention to what they are saying, he actually does care about some of them.
Criminal Record: He stole gum when he was younger, does that count?
Dominance: He stands his ground against people who try to get him down, be it with fists or words.
Ego: He thinks he's something allright; especially smarter or more cunning than everybody else.
Emotional Stability: He's emotionally stable. Most words or inflictions glide by him like the wind. He doesn't particularly care as long as he's happy with whom he is.
Expression: He usually expresses himself in words, art, dance or sketches. He is least good with the words and best at expressing himself with dancing.
Humor: He himself isn't all that humurous and doesn't think of other people's jokes to be funny as well. His humor is a strange kind, mostly seen in relation to sadism.
Liveliness: He isn't all that lively. He lazes off quite a bit. Still when something cathes his attention, he can be very attentive and energetic.
Mannerisms: He's a bit rude, especially with his words. So don't expect fancy gentleman like mannerism coming from him. He's smart and charming but not very well-mannered, no.
Patience: He can endure waiting for something or someone for quite a bit. Everything has boundaries though. An hour is max without complaining or cursing a lot. two hours means walking away.
Reputation: People don't think much of him up until now. They don't deem him as being a nice sort of person although his mysterious vibe does atract them. And once they've noticed that he is in fact a sheep and not a wolf they tend to swarm over him.
Sociability: He doens't like to interact with others much, but if it's neccesary he doesn't mind. In school it's ok. While drinking, he prefers to do so alone.
Status: Lazy Rebel a.k.a not really popular
Style: Fashionably but a little alternative at the same time, certainly not completely normal but nice at the same time.


Compliments: He'll say that he likes your clothing or look in general. He will give compliments about achievements or well written essays and stuff. He may say he likes your name, eyes or pet as well.
Insults: He might say that a certain piece of clothing doesn't suit you or is downright ugly, he might say that your personality is messed up or that you don't know shit. He might say that you shouldn't have been born. It totally depends on the situation to be honest. Reminder; he ís a nice guy. So these are mostly not intended as insultery.
Emotional Status: He's most likely to be found in a lazy, silent or irritated mood.
Expletives: He curses badly.
Words: Ryui~, shit,
Farewells: See ya.
Greetings: Hey, hi. He's usually not the one to start a conversation at all.

    School and Work

Average Grade: A
Extracurricular: None as of yet.
Graduating Year: Not yet graduated.
School: Rikka High
Study Habits: He almost doesn't study at all. He pays good attention in class and sometimes writes summaries but that's pretty much it. And it works, somehow.


Class:  Upper class
Debt: 0
Dependents: None, he totally depends on his father for his money.
Funds: He's rich and all, but doesn't flaunt it. He's not all that spoilt either. He hates it to be dependent on his father for money after all but doesn't consider taking a job at the same time.

    Intrapersonal Connections

Immediate Family: His father and diseased mother.
Close Relatives: His grandparents died and he doesn't have good or contract at all with his uncles.

Acquaintances: TBA
Allegiance: TBA
Allies: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Followers: TBA
Friends: TBA
Heroes: TBA
Inspirations: Rikka
Pets: None, but he desperately wants one.
Rivals: TBA
Role Models: TBA


Signature Move: Amplifying gravity around the target. This way the target can't get up and he has a chance of striking them, wearing them down. The fight against gravity is sometimes fight enough though.
Specialty: Gravity
Strengths: Long distance combat
Weaknesses: Very close distance combat

    Physical Characteristics

Species: Astral
Nationality: Iriolian
Skin Color: Milky white
Height: 186cm
Weight: 67kg
Scars: On the bridge of his nose, and other minor scars across his body.
Piercings: Pierced his ears, but almost never wear something in them.
Tattoos: None.

Hat Size: M
Shirt Size: S/M
Waist Size: S
Shoe Size: 42
Face Shape: Not really like an apple, more defined.
Hair Color: A light shade of pink, near white.
Hair Length: Just over his ears, halfway his neck.
Hair Type: His hair is pretty straight but messy at the same time.
Hair Style: Messy, out of bed. Usually has some sort of sporty band or band in his hair to keep his vision void of hair.
Eyebrows: Narrow, pink, beautiful?
Facial Hair: He shaves everything, he doesn't think it suits him just yet. There will be time for a beard when he get's older.
Ear Shape: Normal sized ears, normally shaped as well.
Eye Type: Relatively big.
Eye Color: Light blue
Nose Shape: Sharp nose with sharp lines but nicely rounded off.
Teeth: White, and as he used to have braces they are all nicely aligned in a tight row as well.
Chin Shape: Sharp, but not too sharp, it's not apple round but more defined. (sharp jawline)
Makeup: Doesn't use make-up. Only once and he still has regrets about that one moment.

    Health and Fitness

Abnormalities: No defects or deformities.
Addictions: Milk, Chewing-gum
Aids: He has glasses but uses contacts most of the time.
Allergies: He's allergic to soap and certain brands of detergent. He's also allergic to certain sorts of plants/flowers.
Broken Bones: He broke his nose after tripping and falling down the stairs. He got plastic surgery for it to get it fixed, even though he didn't want to.
Diseases: He's pretty healthy, although he's pretty vulnerable for headache's, fevers etc.
Medication: He sometimes takes some meds but they're just normal painkillers, nothing special.
Vulnerabilities: Because of his white-ass skin he's vulnerable to the sun and fevers, headache's and such.

Birthmarks: Nothing special apart from his glowing white skin and practically pink hair.
Blood Type: O
Diet: He eats a lot of meat, not so much greens and a lot of chewing gum and milk.
Exercise: He dances a lot, which is the reason why he's pretty fit.
Figure: Slimm, he's not all that muscley either.
Fitness: He's pretty fit, even though he's lazy as fuck. He sometimes works out on the track and stuff aside from him dancing.
Hygiene: He tries to be as clean and hygenic as possible.
Martial Arts: He knows some basic moves, but certainly isn't a black belt.
Maximum Load: 45 kg? That's max max.
Posture: Upright, not particularly haughty but it's right on the boundary of being just that.
Scent: Floral

    Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetero but he's not quite sure. He may be Bi-sexual or just a-romantic. He will find out soon hopefully >3
Fetishes: Lips, skin and legs fetish.
Turnons: Pretty, cute, glowing skin, long hair, curls or straight, someone who's positive in life, someone with pretty legs and inviting lips.
Turn-offs: Someone who's filthy, has a nasty personality, a girl who looks like a boy or the other way around, a smoker, a druggie, a gangbanger

Sex Life: None existent.
Virginity: Still intact.
First Love: A petit girl with flowing golden hair and general cute look. He was really heartbroken after she turned him down.
Love Interests: None atm
Marital Status: His father wants an arranged marriage to promote his own company and for the sake of his company's growth.
Significant Other: None yet.

    Vocal Characteristics

Accent/Dialect: Clear pronunciation and normal Iriolian.
Laughter: Cute, mostly in chuckles and low in general.
Pitch: relatively low, but boyish at the same time. Not velvety or extremly hushed...
Range: OK range. The lows are ok, but his highs not so much.
Volume: Not too loud but certainly not too soft either.


First Impressions: A lazy dude who has nothing better to do in life as study and live his life in an easy way. Comes off as a bit rude and acts like a rebel.

Strangers' Impressions: Pretty human with cute pink hair, looks a bit mysterious and keeps to himself mostly.

Friends' Impressions: If you know him long enough you'll notice that he actually cares about you and that his tough act is just a facade. He's a nice fun guy to be with, even though he has some weird quirks.

Family's Impressions: Father: He's not doing all he can to be the best he can be. He should study more!

Self Impression: I'm ok as long as I'm exactly who I wanna be, which is... me.

Authority's Impressions: The kid doesn't get in trouble a lot, and if he does it's over trivial things. He looks like a good kid even though he sometimes can come off as rude or ill-mannered in general.

Lover's Impression: Caring and sweet, always there when you need him and someone you can really rely upon. Besides, he's a great kisser. He's smart, funny and good looking and suprisingly assertive with things. He's always carefull and gentle though so it's allright. He's the best even though sometimes I can't seem to reach him. As if he's busy with thoughts or something.

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||| 56%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||| 26%
Type 3 Image Focus |||||| 30%
Type 4 Individualism |||||||||||| 46%
Type 5 Intellectualism |||||||||||||| 56%
Type 6 Security Focus |||||| 26%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||| 46%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||||| 73%
Your main type is 9
Your variant is self pres

    Defining Moment


Infancy: (Age 0-3) WIP
Childhood: (Age 4-12) WIP
Adolescence: (Age 13-19) WIP
Adulthood: (Age 20-54) WIP
Seniority: (Age 55+) WIP

    Other Information


The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more
but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.
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